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Artists often live in "survival mode," trying to have a creative lifestyle while earning enough to pay the rent. In the last week, the world has lost 36 artists in the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland California. 36 creators, 36 dreamers, 36 kids who were just trying to enjoy themselves on a weekend evening when they didn't have to work. Actually, some of those artists were in bed when the fire broke out, according to news sources, and some were able to scramble out of there spaces to safety.


Is there any time in art history that the world has lost so many artists at one time? It is truly a tragedy when one considers that the collective consciousness has lost a great deal in this fire.


Greatest condolences to those that were lost and their families and loved ones. It is truly a tragedy that the Ghost Ship artists and friends can no longer contribute to art or be creative. It is a pity that in this society artists have to live in makeshift spaces or make compromises in order to support themselves to have security and a roof over their heads.


As an artist, who lived in San Francisco when rent was more affordable, who left when it became impossible to afford, who also lived in makeshift living situations, (including a mechanic's garage in a cubby hole between the rafters, or trucks, trailers, abandoned villages, and tents in order to follow her art dreams), I am so truly sorry for the loss of so many creative minds.


What is a world without dreamers? What is a world without ecstatic dance, music, visual arts, and performance? What would a world look like if artists were given low-income housing so that they could spend the majority of their time making and creating instead of 'just surviving?'


Please support your local creative minds, and love your favorite artist. Love those who love the Earth and love each other. This is a truly tragic time.



Bored? Need entertainment? Can humans re-code their genes?

Health and Wellness

For the last few years, scientists have been studying our genes, gene codes, gene expressions and genetic indicators for medical purposes and evolution. This research has turned up some very surprising and interesting conclusions about the power of external factors on our genes, but not in the way that has been discussed before. This subject is constantly changing, currently as scientists are constantly learning more. It can be a bit difficult to get a handle on exactly what is being insinuated with the science.

Genes or DNA are the building blocks of human beings. The DNA sequence in the body determines which organ is being built, hair color, eye color, skin color, body size, skin type, and more. As scientists were learning about DNA, there was an idea that whatever someone is born with, that is what they get. However, science may be changing its tune on some of these theories.

Epigenetics (or over genetics) basically refers to the expression of each gene and which hormones are released and what cause that has on the body. Scientists are learning that external factors have a much bigger part to play in gene expression. According to, there are three factors or systems that can initiate epigenetic change and sustain it. DNA Methylation can affect whether someone has cancer, or not, and other illnesses, or even emotions.

Noel Angeles from SMN weekly reported yesterday that the expression of genes can be constantly changed in positive and negative ways. Internal and external triggers, including hereditary factors, food, emotional states, social environment, and more can change the expression of genes in good and bad ways. The study of how these details can affect or change genes is called "epigenetics." These factors can affect how the genes communicate, and function in the various systems of the body.

Brandalyn Riedel reported this week at about getting down to the mitochondria and potentially their affect on mutating genes based upon diet, exercise, and other external associations. While most of it comes down to chemistry within the DNA and related systems, there are relationships with disease and maladies associated with the mutations of the DNA. If it is possible that some diseases are not genetically fixed, then could the whole human genetic code be mutable by humans themselves?

One of the potentially most interesting ways to beat boredom could be to focus on genetics and the human ability to mutate itself with consciousness about diet, exercise, emotional expression, and more. If that is possible, then the buddhists may have had it right, that it really is all about thought, and the quality of life that humans imagine.

Is the winter getting people down? Is the fear of change keeping people in their own box? What if the cure to boredom was doing some genetic recoding to prevent disease and other problematic results of negative effects on genes. What you may be doing could be saving your grandchildren from future disease. This exciting science will have some intriguing future implications, for sure!

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Life coaching skills for those that want to coach themselves

Coaches are expensive, admittedly my coaching is not necessarily cheap either. (I have my own goals and have to eat, too). So I am putting some ideas down that might help people to coach themselves, and learn to be your own best cheerleader.

What is a life coach? Well, imagine that you are an olympian athlete. Your coach helps you to understand your goals, and how to accomplish them. With some discipline, we can coach ourselves. One of the key words is "accountability." They idea with a coach is that they make us "accountable" so if we mess up, or do not make our goal deadlines, someone must be to blame. If we can make ourselves accountable and responsible, we can accomplish a lot more!

How to coach yourself? Figure out what changes you need to make, and make them. And, hold yourself accountable with new deadlines and goals when you fall short. Progress looks very different in many different circumstances. So failing a couple of times may be part of a learning curve. Take it easy on yourself. author Chelsea Greenwood has more on this subject. In case you need any more help, I do coaching. Give me a ring. Follow the links in the footer of the website below. Help yourself to save yourself!



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